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My own experience is that the vibrant chakra system act both as energy websites from the subtle bodies into the physique...

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7 significant Dynamic Chakras

The very first or base chakra, located in between the sex and rectum, is connected with the very first layer of the energy field or aura...

Chakras - The Dynamic System

In this short article we are going to concentrate on the vibrant principle of the chakras. To clarify, nearly all referrals that you will encounter to opening, balancing, recovery, stimulating, clearing or contemplating, the chakras, are describing the vibrant idea and not the yogic/ Tantric idea. These 2 ideas are rather different and incompatible as elements of a single system. Most works and descriptions of the chakras indiscriminately mix parts from each of these 2 different ideas of the chakras. The majority of the details is merely a repeating of the very same misconceptions and confusions.

The point I am wishing to communicate here, is that understanding and analysis of the chakras is from a state of relativity. So if we take a look at 2 respectable and modern exponents of chakra ideas, like Barbara Ann Brennan, and Carolyn Myss, for instance, we find both resemblances and considerable distinctions. This does not mean that a person is ideal and the other is incorrect, it is just an example of the relativity of human experience of the chakras. Both of these women’s work and systemologies have credibility and trustworthiness. They have both analysed the vibrant energy system of the chakras from the distinct viewpoint of their individuated understanding.

Let's continue by noting the 7 primary chakras of the vibrant system as they are commonly decided upon. From leading to bottom situated near the significant nerve plexuses of the body.

Chakra centre 7 - Crown

Chakra centre 6 - 3rd eye - eyebrow

Chakra centre 5 - throat

Chakra centre of 4 - heart

Chakra centre 3 - solar plexus

Chakra centre 2 - navel

Chakra centre one - perineum

But what do the chakras do? And how? Barbara Ann Brennan's view is that the "chakras function as consumption organs for energy from the universal energy field... The energy taken in and metabolized through each chakra is sent out to the parts of the body situated in the average nerve plexus area closest to each." While Caroline Myss states "every idea and experience you've ever had in your life gets infiltrated these chakra databases. Each occasion is tape-recorded into yourselves simply puts your bio becomes your biology. When chakra energy is obstructed or misdirected psychological and physical health problem can emerge.".

My own experience is that the vibrant chakra system act both as energy websites from the subtle bodies into the physique, and into the kept contents of the subconscious mind. We can also see them as a vibrational scale, from the most affordable vibrational frequencies at the base chakra, to the greatest vibrational frequencies at the Crown chakra and beyond. It is not my experience though that the spiritual procedure follows a rising cleaning of the chakras from base to crown. The karmic energies kept in the subconscious are twisted and interwoven in many patterns in between the different centers.

A procedure of cleaning might for instance start in the 2nd chakra weave through the heart, the throat, before coming down to the 3rd chakra at the solar plexus. This is because karmic energy can be woven from several measurements of experience and hold different levels of vibrational frequency. Once again from my own experience of several years doing recovery work, the heart chakra is generally affected, and a main type in the procedure of recovery.

Barbara Ann Brennan is distinct in associating different qualities to the front and rear energy vortices of chakras 2 through 6. In her design of the vibrant chakras a front funnel of chakras 2 to 5 are feeling centers. The rear funnel of centers 2 to 5 are will center. And both front and back of chakra 6 together with the crown chakra are psychological centers.

The 7 significant Dynamic Chakras.

The very first or base chakra, located in between the sex and rectum, is connected with the very first layer of the energy field or aura. They connect to automated and free working along with physical performance and physical feeling. It straight associates with the will to live, to be 'here' in the body, on the earth, and problems of physical survival.

The 2nd chakra, hara or sacral is located listed below the area of the belly-button and connects to the 2nd layer of the aura. They are connected with the sensations, feelings, sensuality and sexuality. This is the center of personal power, self-image and money. It is simple to see then how sexuality - power - self-image and money gets so confusingly laced.

The 3rd, solar plexus chakra, lies unsurprisingly around the area of the solar plexus in the opening of the lower ribs, and belongs to the 3rd layer of the aura. They are connected with will, and the lower psychological or direct thinking mind. It holds the psychological measurement of self-image and self-confidence. This Chakra is deeply gotten in touch with the nerve system; as such it is the main place of holding worry in the body.

The heart chakra placed in the center of the chest, at or above the level of the breastbone, is connected to the 4th layer of the aura. They belong to all elements of love and empathy and the introduction of greater will. This chakra is rather at the center of our being, it holds the essence of our humankind and the meeting of spirit and type.

The throat chakra is found above the hollow of the throat, connects to the 5th layer of the aura, and they are related to, communication, and Divine will, the expression of the fact. It's here that we go through the surrender of personal will.

The 6th, eyebrow chakra placed in the centre of the forehead a little above eye level, connects to the 6th layer of the aura. They are connected with light, the user-friendly mind and psychic understanding. Here is a capability to envision a concept; it is the seat of the greater mind and imagination.

The crown chakra at the top of the head, connects to the seventh layer of the aura, they are connected with connection to the divine and direct knowing. It is the place of spiritual combination with the character.

I hope at this moment is it's clear that the associations with the different chakras above are by no means conclusive. You will keep in mind that I have not associated colors, crystals and so forth. Rather I welcome you to check out and to find on your own. You might find that in time your understanding modifications. Simply as everyone on earth is distinct, so too remains in every chakra. So once again I welcome you to check out with an open mind, to use your very own sense and sensation where for instance a specific crystal may resonate in you - must you be so likely. Bear in mind that life itself is a vibrant procedure, continuously in motion and our vibrant chakras are continuously moving with it.